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From grocery shopping to clothes, everything can be done online these days. Even you can buy property online in Buffalo NY.

Yes, you heard us right! In fact, a recent survey revealed that 1 in every 5 Buffalo home buyers made an offer on a property without physically visiting the location.

So, if you are interstate or overseas and need to urgently buy property online, get that remote project started. But first, check out these expert tips before you add a property to the online shopping cart.

Steps To Buy Property Online

Step 1: Determine A Clear Vision

First, have a clear vision and goal of what kind of property you want and need. Then only, you must go ahead to buy property online.

Get out a notebook and a pen. Make sure to include all things that your property must absolutely have, things that may feel nice to have, and also the things that you don’t really don’t need. Not only this, but you must also form an idea of which areas you ideally want to purchase the property in.

These are some of the questions you must answer to determine your ideal property in Buffalo –

  • The type of property you are looking for – house, land, or both house and land
  • How many bedrooms do you need at a minimum?
  • How many restrooms/bathrooms do you need at a minimum?
  • List down your budget ceiling

Step 2: Find The Right Agent With Proper Remote Experience

Take sufficient time to find the right real estate agent that can help you to buy property online.

In the remote buying experience, you won’t be seeing the property in person. So, make sure to find an agent that you can really trust. He must also carry experience working in this area and who knows the market and the area you are purchasing the property in.

Most importantly, make sure to check out their customer reviews and testimonials. Ask feedback from the former clients the agent has helped to sell a property.

Step 3: Ask For A Video Tour

You can’t physically visit the property in person. But thankfully, most homes on the online market today include all of the property specifications in detail in the listing. It also has photographs, and oftentimes, a video tour of the property.

A narrated video tour is extremely significant to people looking to buy property online. It provides an intimate glimpse at what you are buying. It will be actually like walking through the property yourself.

But it may happen that the listing doesn’t come with a video tour. In that case, ask your real estate agent for one.

Step 4: Study The Layout Of The Property

It can be quite difficult to understand the layout of property just by looking at photos. To get a better sense of the flow of the property, draw a floor plan and extensively study the video tour.

If possible, get the measurements of each room (ask your real estate agent for these). This is because rooms and spaces can appear totally different in photographs and video tours. They may look larger or smaller than they actually are.

So, to successfully buy property online, always get the dimensions of the home you are buying. This will help you determine which furniture can fit and what should be left behind before moving.

Step 5: Get A Sense Of The Surroundings

Most of the time, the listing photos and videos don’t actually capture the surrounding areas well. For instance – your kitchen window may look out into the neighbor’s rusted wood fence.

So, ask your real estate agent to take proper photographs looking through the windows of the property. If possible, ask them to record a short video up and down the street. This will help you get a sense of the nearby surroundings.

Also, enquire about the neighborhood and surroundings. Is it too noisy with lots of passing traffic? Or is it perfectly calm and quiet?

You can also scan the property and its surroundings using Google Earth. This will give you a bird’s-eye perspective of the new neighborhood.

Step 6: See Details On A Live Video Call

If you liked what you have seen so far, ask the real estate agent to conduct a Zoom or Facebook Messenger video call. See the property in live real-time.

During the call, you can clearly see all the details. You can ask your agent any questions you may have about the house. This step will have everything covered before you buy property online.

Step 7: Get an Extra Set Of Expert Eyes

Hire a good home inspector to buy property online. These professionals can provide an additional service – being your “extra eyes and senses” on the ground.

Homebuyers usually hire a home inspector after they have made an offer. But buyers who can’t physically visit the house in person can hire the inspectors early.  Their trained eyes can uncover what home sellers or real estate agents may be trying to hide. You can ask the inspectors to double-check the property’s online profile, photos, and videos.

They can also detect other issues that your senses can’t detect from far away. For example – problems such as unbearable odors from the basement, or carpets.

Step 8: Ask The Seller For A Walk-Through Contingency

At the end of the day, it is always best to see the property eventually. The best way to safeguard your big online investment is to negotiate a walk-through contingency in the contract. This contract will let you actually walk through and see the house before you buy property online.

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